Supporting Statements

Statement of Support for Jo McNeill

 In 2006 I first met Jo McNeill through the Young Researchers Programme with the AimHigher organisation. The research programme consisted of young pupils working together to find out about the educational issues and to improve the future generation. Not only did AimHigher contribute to our development of interpersonal skills, but the people who worked behind the organisation allowed fruitful opportunities to be grasped by all pupils, no matter their background, race or gender.

I, firstly, had not lived in the UK for a very long time; my English required improvement, however this was not an issue, Jo and her team wanted no barrier for pupils in order to progress in the future.  

The inspiration and enthusiasm expressed by Jo about the equality of education for all, not select few, has clearly embedded within me. Even after completing the programme Jo has always helped me to express my enthusiasm towards education. I have been lucky to be part of the extraordinary team and be supported to build and fulfil my dreams.

To date I am a teacher of Chemistry. I have graduated from University of Liverpool with Master in Chemistry and recently completed my PGCE at LJMU. In addition, I obtained a scholarship from the prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry to support me towards my teacher training.

Jo genuinely wants to help make people’s lives better so vote Jo for General Secretary of UCU.

Qendresa Krasniqi BSc MSc

Former Aimhigher Young Researcher, Now a Chemistry Teacher.