I am happy to support Jo McNeill in her campaign to be elected as UCU General Secretary.  Jo possesses the experience and skills vital to this demanding role. She commands huge respect from so many areas of society and displays strong leadership qualities.

It is my opinion that it is precisely Jo’s personal trajectory that makes her the ideal candidate.  Her own education and career path have given her experience at all levels and most importantly she retains close links at all levels.

Jo is a committed Trade Unionist and activist.  I can attest to this because of her visibility. I know that I will inevitably bump into Jo at any important event, even those organised at short notice. This is because she has a deep-rooted humanity and empathy that renders it impossible for her to ignore the plight of others. She will be at the forefront of responding to an injustice or social issue and is an accomplished campaigner.

Organisational skills are crucial to the demanding role of head of a union. Fortunately, Jo’s extensive experience means she is a leader in the area and would bring to the post of General Secretary, an expertise tempered with a sensitivity for the individual. The transferable skills she has developed over time, would be a great asset to UCU.

Jo’s commitment to challenging social injustice at all levels means she has an in depth knowledge of present day society and the ensuing pressures which impact so negatively upon a majority of the population.

I know Jo through my own campaigning and trade union involvement. She is a genuine, personable, strong woman who enriches any company.  Her fundamental humanity gives me hope for the future. Her election to the post of General secretary of UCU would offer hope to so many. I wish her every success.

Sheila Coleman

Unite the Union, North West Region Community Coordinator

Hillsborough Justice Campaign


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