UCU General Secretary Election Coming Soon…

After talking to a number of members in various different branches recently, I realise not everybody knows that we are about to receive ballot papers which will allow you the opportunity to vote for a new UCU leadership.

This election period is important, as well as the annual election of NEC members, this time you also have the opportunity to vote for a new General Secretary. The GS election only comes around once in every FIVE years.

I’m publishing this blog post to ask those of you who are aware of the upcoming election to raise it’s importance with your colleagues and professional networks. Turnout in the last General Secretary election was only 12%.

This time, there are just two candidates, Sally Hunt and me.

The ballot opens on February 1st and closes on March 1st. If you don’t receive your ballot paper, make sure you request one asap, the timeframe is extremely tight.

I’ll be speaking at a number of meetings across the country in the coming weeks. To find out if I’m coming to a branch near you or to request details of how to book a hustings or a meeting, please email me at: j.mcneill@liverpool.ac.uk

We have never needed to defend our members and our education system more than we do now, if you believe UCU is ready for change, support my campaign!

How can you actively support my campaign?

  • Act as a point of contact in your branch (email me to arrange this: j.mcneill@liverpool.ac.uk) – this involves receiving campaign materials either via email or in hardcopy, whichever you prefer, to share with your colleagues.
  • Ask your branch to invite Sally and I to a hustings.
  • Follow me on twitter and RT my posts: @jomcneillUCU
  • Follow me on facebook and share my posts: https://www.facebook.com/votejo4gensec/
  • Follow my blog and share posts with your colleagues/professional networks: https://jo4ucugensec.wordpress.com/
  • When the ballot papers arrive, ask your colleagues to check they’ve received them.
  • Prompt your colleagues to vote and to post their ballot papers.

Regardless of who you vote for, please do vote!


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